My current reason for runnung this website is to document the tunes and arrangements that I have written over the last fifty years.

If you go to the Tunes section you'll find a gradually increasing collection of jigs, reels, rants, hornpipes, waltzes and slow airs.

Some were written to fill gaps in band sets - and some as teaching material.

Some are tributes to family and friends - and some were written just for fun.
I hope there'll be at least a few in there that you'll enjoy playing.


Colin Bradford

Colin Bradford

In the past

Over the years this website has been the home of lots of web pages about my interests in Northumbrian music. At different times, there have been sections on:


• Alnwick Pipers' Society
• BorderBox
• The Castle Band
• The Gadgie Collective
• The Tight Alnwick Gadgies
• The Ukulele Riff-Raff

Some of those pages have long since disappeared but many can be found (albeit mostly out-of-date) in the Bands section

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  3. Band Pix

  4. BorderBox