In the past

Over the years this website has been the home of lots of web pages about my interests in Northumbrian music.
At different times, there have been sections on:

Colin Bradford

• Alnwick Pipers' Society
• BorderBox
• The Castle Band
• The Gadgie Collective
• The Tight Alnwick Gadgies
• The Ukulele Riff-Raff

Some of those pages have long since disappeared but many can still be found (albeit mostly out-of-date) in the Bands section



Nowadays - Work in progress

My current reason for running this website is to document the tunes and arrangements that I have written over the last fifty years.

If you go to the Tunes section you'll find a gradually increasing collection of jigs, reels, rants, hornpipes, waltzes and slow airs.

Some were written to fill gaps in band sets - and some as teaching material. Some are tributes to family and friends - and some were written just for fun.

I hope there'll be at least a few in there that you'll enjoy playing.

NB: This is very much in the early development stage so there are lots of gaps and discrepancies.

Colin Bradford

T u n e s

B a n d s

B o r d e r B o x

You'll find tunes sorted by name and also by rhythm.







As I find them in my archive, this is where I'll put photographs and memorabilia on:

  • The Killingworth Sword Dancers
  • The Castle Band
  • The Harvesters
  • Stanley Accirngton &
    The Third Division North
  • The Newcastle Electric Ceilidh Band
  • Hotspur's Heroes
  • The Castle Band - again
  • The Tight Alnwick Gadgies
  • The Ukulele Riff-Raff