In this section you'll find a slowly growing collection of jigs, reels, rants, hornpipes, waltzes and slow airs. Some were written to fill gaps in band sets and some as teaching material. Some are tributes to family and friends - and some were written just for fun.

I hope you'll have fun playing any of them.


Video Demo Versions

If you click on any tune title shown in red, you should be presented with a scrolling video demonstration of the tune. These computer-generated demo versions aren't the same as having live musicians but they are useful to demonstrate the tune itself and also to show possible arrangements with one or two harmonic lines in addition to the tune. They are made using Finale. the score-writing program which I use for writing and arranging music.

For speed of opening, the Youtube versions are very compressed. There are also MP4 and WMV versions which are higher quality but slower to download to download.:  

On Paper

PDF copies of the "dots" can be downloaded

On Screen

MP4 or WMV versions of scrolling videos. If you are likely to refer to them frequently, it's probably best to save them to your hard drive . The MP4 files are reduced size versions of the WMV files. They are faster to download and should have louder sound.

  The YOUTUBE links go to online versions of the same demo versions. These are quick and convenient. They are OK if you have constant, fast web access but the screen resolution will probalby be poorer than downloaded MP4 files.

Sound only

For some of the tunes you may find MP3 or WAV files which are all sound-only. These sound files are a mix of live recordings and computer-generated recordings.



Some of my tunes have been re-arranged from their original accordion and fiddle settings in an attempt to suit a woodwind trio of flute, oboe and clarinet. You can find these here.


The copyright of these compositions is reserved to me but you are welcome to use them for public or private performances with an acknowledgment/attribution. For recordings, please contact me: csbATnorthumbrianDOTinfo.


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